GMP Grupp is a group of companies fully based on Estonian capital that has been active since 1991. GMP is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association.

We own several independent companies that successfully operate both in Estonia, as well as its neighbouring countries, e.g. Latvia, Ukraine, Finland, and Russia. We have operated in various sectors, but during the last years our main fields of activities have been: investment, real estate development and management, and construction. We are also active in the accommodation and catering business, and have launched several manufacturing companies.

To date, GMP and its affiliates have given into use hundreds of thousands of square meters of immovable property with varying functions, incl. business buildings, sports and entertainment complexes, and residential real estate. Our activities have been recognized and noted on many occasions.

Our objective shall remain to develop our current activities, maintain a good level of business, and to be a role model and pioneer in our activities.

Throughout our activities, we have valued and supported culture and sports events (e.g. basketball, volleyball, skiing, water motorsports, ice hockey) and other non-profit initiatives.

Ants Juhani

Kalle Schultz

Related companies

The goal of Vilcon Ehitus OÜ is to offer high quality services. In order to achieve this goal and for stable development, all links of the company that affect quality must act purposefully, consistently and appropriately.

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At GMP Clubhotel we offer unique and cozy accommodation and modern seminar opportunities in Otepää, Pühajärv.

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The invigorating aroma of freshly ground morning coffee, airy pastries and handcrafted cakes worthy of the best Parisian cafés. A hearty breakfast, a quality lunch and an enjoyable menu, of course with delicious wine. Yes, this is a French worry that you too can experience on a daily basis – right in the heart of Tartu, in the café GMP Patisserie.

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Villa Friedheim offers beautiful and unique things, such as eye-pleasing and aesthetic satisfaction. A luxury boutique hotel that should satisfy even the highest demands.


Tel: 6418022

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Owning a Rolls‑Royce is an effortless pleasure, made even simpler by the high standards of aftercare our authorised network of dealers offers. They will provide support and advice about any aspect of your motor car, and help you keep your investment in perfect condition.

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Green technologies development

Erik Laidvee

Tel: 5044826




    Tel: (+372) 641 8022

    Piiskopi 3, 10130, Tallinn, Estonia

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